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About Audio Clinic

Audio Clinic (Israel) is a an established service center helping the local audiophile community.

We have years of hands-on audio-electronics experience, gathered through countless hours of building, modifying and studying audio equipment. Our lab is equipped with the finest measuring equipment which we calibrate annually.

Our services include:

  • Tuning, upgrading and servicing audio equipment: amplifiers, CD players, DACs, speakers etc.
  • Experts in turntable service, sale and support
  • Source for upgraded and restored 2nd hand vintage equipment
  • Consulting services for customers putting together new Hi-Fi systems or wishing for an upgrade to existing sytems.
  • Digital streaming media experts – CD to digital lossless FLAC conversion, multi-room streaming at high end quality
  • Designing and building custom-made audio gear

Please review our store and Gallery page with some of our Audio-Related projects.

We have experience with the following brands:

  • Mark Levinson
  • Audio Research
  • Krell
  • Naim Audio
  • Linn Products
  • Arcam
  • Adcom
  • AVI (UK)
  • Wadia
  • Roksan
  • Gamut

We are the local dealers for:

  • Mundorf GMBH – the finest capacitors available.
  • DEQX – Active cross-over and Room-Correction system.
  • Scientific Conversion – ultra-low jitter digital transformers.

For inquiring and business offers, please contact us directly using the form below.


Yair Furman, Audio Clinic 

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We strongly believe that a good audio solution depends on what music you listen to, where you do, and your budget constraints.


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